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Muhammad Yahaya, M. M. Salleh and Chung Tze Pin

Physics ProgrammeUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia43600 Bangi, Malaysia

This paper describes the photoconductivity of ZnS thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation. The films were deposited on glass-substrate, and then the samples were annealed at 100-200 oC for 60 minutes. The samples were characterized for the optical property using a spectrophotometer, the conductivity by Van der Pauw method and surface morphology by the atomic force microscope. It was found that ZnS films have energy gap of 3.3 eV, and the conductivity of the films depends on the annealing temperature. The annealing process has changed the surface topography of the samples hence their photoconductivity property.

Publication : Physics Journal IPS Proceeding Supplement A6 (2002) 0541
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