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Journal of Theoretical and Computational Studies

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» online since : 2004
» total articles : 57
» total volume : 8
» acceptance rate : 76.0%

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ISSN : 1979-3898 (print), 1979-5882 (online)

Journal of Theoretical and Computational Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the Indonesian Theoretical Physicist Group - Grup Fisikawan Teoritik Indonesia (GFTI) and the Indonesian Computational Society - Masyarakat Komputasi Indonesia (MKI) since 2004. The journal also succeeds to the volume C (theoretical section) of the Physics Journal of IPS.

The Editorial Board invites all related reserachers / academicians to submit their scientific papers. All processes (editorial, publishing, distribution) are done through the net using the facility provided in this site. Following the global open-access initiative, the published papers are open for public access for free.

The journal is currently indexed regularly by the Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Google, the Indonesian Scientific Index - ISI; and a member of Jurnal Online, Indonesian Scientific Journal Database - ISJD.


  • Theoretical study : employing mathematical models and abstractions of a particular field in an attempt to explain known or predicted phenomena. E.g. : astronomy, theoretical physics, mathematical physics, biomatter modeling, etc.
  • Computational science : constructing mathematical models, numerical solution techniques and using computers to analyze and solve natural science, social science and engineering problems. E.g. : numerical simulations, model fitting and data analysis, optimization, etc.
  • Cross-disciplinary studies : cross-disciplinary studies between theoretical study and computational science, including the development of computing tools and apparatus. E.g. : macro development of Matlab, paralel processing, grid infrastructure, etc.


  • The manuscript is a scientific paper dealing with theoretical and / or computational aspects of researches in any branches of science.
  • Submitted manuscripts have not been previously published nor currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • The manuscript is written in English and prepared using LATEX template of JTCS available at e-DATA.
  • The submission and all communication thereafter are done ONLY electronically through the link above.
  • The current status of all manuscripts can be accessed by the authors using the access number (10 digits) provided for each article and informed to the author through email after the submission.
  • The manuscript will be published after a refereing process by independent referee(s).
  • The accepted manuscript will be immediately published and accessible for public.
  • The submission is FREE of charge.


  • Following the open-access (OA) policy, all published manuscripts are freely open for and distributable by public.
  • The articles are divided into several categories :
    1. Regular : an article contains an original work.
    2. Comment : an article responding to another one which has been published before.
    3. Review : an article which is a compilation of recent knowledges in a particular topic. This type of article is only by invitation.
    4. Proceeding : an article which has been presented in a scientific meeting.
  • The online system of JTCS adopts a unique numbering system using 4+2 digits, that is 0XYY-ZZ. X indicates the number of article categories, YY is the order of published articles in the same volume and ZZ shows the page number within the paper.
  • Each volume consists of ca 50 pages.
  • For citing an article in JTCS etc, according to the rule of LTWA ISSN, the journal is abbreviated as : J. Theor. Comput. Stud..
  • Legal aspects :
    • The journal is published as a conventional (printed) one, but it is managed using full-online system.
    • For the administration of obtaining credit points (in Indonesia), the full-text version can be downloaded through the abstract page of each article. It already contains the cover and Editorial Board pages, while the content page in the volume of published paper is also available at the same website.

    A. Purwanto (ITS)
    A. S. Nugroho (BPPT)
    A. Sulaksono (UI)
    B. E. Gunara (ITB)
    B. Tambunan (BPPT)
    F.P. Zen (ITB)
    H. Alatas (IPB)
    I.A. Dharmawan (UNPAD)
    I. Fachrudin (UI)
    J.M. Tuwankotta (ITB)
    L.T. Handoko (LIPI)
    M. Nurhuda (UNIBRAW)
    M. Sadly (BPPT)
    M. Satriawan (UGM)
    P. Nurwantoro (UGM)
    P. W. Premadi (ITB)
    R.K. Lestari (ITB)
    T. Mart (UI)
    Y. Susilowati (LIPI)
    Z. Su'ud (ITB) *
    B.S. Brotosiswojo (ITB)
    H.L. The (ITB)
    M. Barmawi (ITB)
    M.S. Ardisasmita (BATAN)
    M.O. Tjia (ITB)
    P. Anggraita (BATAN)
    P. Silaban (ITB)
    H. Zainuddin (UPM) *
    T,. Morozumi (Hiroshima) *
    K. Yamamoto (Hiroshima) *

    c/o Group for Theoretical and Computational Physics
    Research Center for Physics - LIPI
    Kompleks Puspiptek Serpong, Tangerang 15310, Indonesia
    URL : http://teori.fisika.lipi.go.id
*) unconfirmed

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