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Wednesday, 24 April 2019  
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Physics Journal of the Indonesian Physical Society
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Hasanudin1, N. Kuroda2 and T. Sugimoto3

1Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Tanjungpura, Pontianak 78124, Indonesia
2Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto 860-0855, Japan
3Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Osaka Prefecture University, Sakai 599-8570, Japan

Temperature dependence of the optical absorption has been measured in the single crystals of organic semiconductor Cs2TCNQ3 in the spectral region from mid-infrared to visible in the temperature range of 95 to 400 K. The overall features observed in the present experiment are in good agreement with the previously reported results and match with the established picture of the electronic structure in this substance. We have, for the first time, observed several bound-to-band absorption bands in the spectral region from 0.015 to 0.3 eV in the gap. In addition, an absorption band, a satellite of the inter-radical absorption band is observed at 1.3 eV. The properties of these bands suggest their strong relation with the novel magnetic properties in this substance.

Publication : Physics Journal IPS A7 (2004) 0208 » page of Content
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Contact : Hasanudin
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