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Wednesday, 24 April 2019  
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Physics Journal of the Indonesian Physical Society
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1M. Hikam, 1T. Yogaraksa, 2Irzaman and 2Yayan Sudiana

1Department of Physics, FMIPA UI, Kampus UI Depok , Depok 16424, Indonesia
2Department of Physics, FMIPA IPB, Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor 16144, Indonesia

A procedure to obtain the all components of crystal structure by simultaneous Rietveld refinement of x-ray diffraction pattern collected is described. The specimens used were Java’s marble. For 3 specimens with different treatment, we have 23 parameters and 20 iterations, including two theta zero error, scale factor, thermal effect, coefficients for polynomial describing the background; U, V, W and mixing parameters of the profile peak function, lattice constants, positional parameters and overall isotropic temperature factors. Most the samples show that the crystal structure are rhombohedral with space group is R C. Thermal effect and profile function refinement make were fitted better than other effect in the refinement.

Publication : Physics Journal IPS A7 (2004) 0114 » page of Content
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Full paper : open license in format PDF (130.626 byte)
Contact : Muhammad Hikam
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