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Tuesday, 22 January 2019  
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Physics Journal of the Indonesian Physical Society
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H. Suyanto, Tjung Jie Lie and H. Kurniawan

Applied Spectroscopy Laboratory, Graduate Program in Opto-Electrotechniques and Laser Applications
University of Indonesia, Jl. Tomang Raya 51G-H, Jakarta 11440, Indonesia

A direct laser ablation film deposition on powder sample has been made on this study. A vertical hole was drilled in an aluminum block with a diameter of 3 mm and 13 mm depth. The GaN powder sample was then filled into the hole with the height of around 1.5 mm. Direct laser ablation was then conducted on this powder by focusing 116 mJ Q-sw YAG laser on the surface of powder in the hole at 2 Torr of air and as a result a nearly hemispherical confined shock wave plasma was produced over the hole. By using pure silicone and glass substrate placed near the exit of the hole, the plasma was deposited on the substrate making GaN thin film. Fluorescence spectra taken at room temperature of 300 K, showed the energy bandgap is to be around 3.35 eV. The x-ray diffraction spectrum also confirmed the lattice constant of GaN film over the substrate. It is stressed that this technique is very useful because we can easily make film using only a small amount of material which is completely not enough to make pellet as a laser ablation target.

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