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Erman Aminullah

Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Centre for Science and Technology Development Studies (Pappiptek-LIPI),

This paper attempts to explain how technological innovation can soften pressure and enlarge opportunity to gain the benefit of free market competition. The free market operation becomes uncertain in relation to the domestic affairs and global circumstances. The accelerated process of moving toward free market under a domestically worsening economic situation may backfire, while slowing it down becomes backward under the globally progressing free market circumstances. In dealing with the complexity of building up competitiveness under the pressure of free market competition, we propose a model; the so-called �adaptive innovation policy�. The model is drawn from the metaphor of living system and its environment. The adaptive innovation is continuous enrichment of technology as the nutrition of living economic system to evolve in gaining the benefit of free market competition. The simulation results from the model imply that: i) dealing with the complexity of free market competition requires understanding the behavior of multiple feedback inside the complex economic system; ii) spurring the economic growth by capital investment beyond the carrying capacity of market could bring about economic instability; iii) enlarging the carrying capacity of market needs to increasing the added-value of marketed goods through technological innovation; iv) developing countries require innovator as well as seriously need investor in facing the free market competition, and; v) a clear design of industrial and technology policy for the promotion of innovative activities are still relevant to ensure that developing countries will participate in global market economy. Keywords: complex system, free market, economic instability, adaptive innovation, innovation policy.

Publikasi : WKIML 7 (2009) 02 » halaman Daftar Isi
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